Take Action

Unfortunately our recent experience suggests that the Environment Agency has not learnt from the Catfield case as it continually puts off making decisions in its search for a pragmatically expedient solution to the Ant Valley study. It also refuses to extend its study to the other Broadland river catchments, perhaps because it fears what it will find once it looks! It is relevant that there are substantial vested interests strongly opposed to the recognition of the environmental damage that abstraction can cause which the Agency has to appease.

For these reasons we are reluctantly again investigating the legal remedies which proved decisive in the Catfield case to encourage the Agency to base its decision making on the scientific evidence not simple expediency.

But this is not enough, we need to show that there is widespread and growing support from conservationists so that the damage caused by abstraction to important wetlands like the Broads is properly recognised and action taken to stop it.

We hope that you will register on the Catfield site (see box below) to show your support and get other likeminded people to do so too.That way we can demonstrate that people care about the survival of the Broads and we can also keep you informed of developments .

We also invite you to send us your best ideas of what practical steps we can take so that something actually gets done not just talked about to save the unique ecosystems of the Broads for future generations. We encourage you to write to us on our new address that we have set up for that purpose.EMAIL US HERE!

Similarly you can also give us your ideas by Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.